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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Worthy Comment from "Alliance of Jordan and Jerry"

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Username: Junosden

You do know that Jerry is Jordan's dad right? I think Jerry is responsible for jordan personally. Since Jordan has been operating his WoodsofJordan page I have been on him. I have over 25 videos dedicated to the cake stealer. You should take a look.
I found this comment especially interesting because I didn't know, yet I had made a nearly 10 minute video starring the two of them... whoops.
Tobacco Free Smoking by The Safe Cig
Username: RobTheMonk8
Hmm, how about "Don't give 'em a chance" when it comes to them arguing with the Bible.
I have to make the case for secular ethics at the beginning of every conversation with them and account for my moral code: why not them? I say put the spurs to them every time they mention it. This permissive attitude and tendency to "play with a handicap" for their sake is an enabling behavior.
This comment I just appreciated for sharing a sentiment that I feel we don't follow enough here on the internet when debating things like religion.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Drama2631, NobleWulff, and InhaleFarts

Worthy Comments from Gorillas Set Nephilim Free
you can see the full comment section Here
"dude you r crap please be an idiot somewere else you dont know what your going on about nobody listen to this boring garbage hmm this video is so boring and he has no fact or anything to say you moron!"
I always love aggressive criticism.


This user was referencing the wood panel wall the acted as my background for this video, it's cheap, and from the 60's.

"your gay"
You gotta love the simple things. As easy as a comment like this is to leave, you would be surprised how few of them I get. Everyone is always trying to show how smart they are, often forgetting the true meaning of insults, not to bring yourself up, but to bring others down. Here you can tell how little the commenter cares about me, with the lack of attention paid to punctuation and spelling, and the resistance to add even two characters to make this a grammatically correct insult, which is somehow, more insulting, kudos to you NobleWulfff.


Friday, January 21, 2011


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